Polling Place Changes Public Notice


DATE:                    FEBRUARY 14, 2023


TO:                        VOTERS OF CASSIA COUNTY

From time to time, it becomes necessary to change voter polling locations. That is generally the case when private facilities are no longer available or when those facilities do not meet criteria for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Help America Vote Act, statutory changes and requirements, and to comply with the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Idaho.

Cassia County currently has 25 polling places (https://www.cassiacounty.org/polling-places) as designated and approved by the Cassia County Board of Commissioners pursuant to Idaho Code § 34-302 on January 30, 2023 for the March 14, 2023 Special Election. Up until recently and for several years, Cassia County has been fortunate to have been offered at no cost to the taxpayers, the use of seven church facilities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We give thanks to the Church and all others who have graciously extended the use of their facilities. Due to factors beyond our control, a required Temporary Use Agreement of the Church cannot be executed. We have consulted with Cassia County’s legal counsel and with that of the  Idaho County Risk Management Program, our insurance carrier regarding the matter. Some provisions of that Agreement are not legal for us to agree to. As such, we no longer can utilize the Churches located in the Starrh’s Ferry, Pella, Unity, Springdale, View, Declo, Burley 2, and Burley 3 precincts. It has additionally become necessary to find new voting locations for the Burley 1 and 6 precincts, due to limited spacing that has reached capacity.

Great effort and considerable time have been devoted in locating appropriate facilities for the conducting of elections in Cassia County to replace those former polling locations. The Cassia County Elections Officers and the Cassia County Commissioners have gone to considerable lengths to address this matter.

Please know that this office is charged with assuring that we conduct a free and fair election, and while we are cognizant of additional travel and inconvenience this may present to our rural voters, we remind electors of additional ways to conveniently vote, including Early Voting at the County Courthouse during the two weeks prior to each election, Curbside Voting at your designated polling location on Election Day, or by requesting an Absentee Mail Ballot.

For additional assistance, please reach out to the Elections Office using one of the following: Cassia County Elections - https://www.cassiacounty.org/departments/Elections, email vote@cassiacounty.org, phone 208-878-5240, or stop at the Elections Office at 1459 Overland Ave, Room 105 at the Cassia County Courthouse.


Cassia County Elections Office

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