Recorder Fees

Recorder Fee Schedule

Notice of Recording Fee Changes - Effective July 1, 2017

1. Recording first page (per document) $10.00
2. Each additional page in the document $3.00
3. Releases/Assignments (same as above)
(Each additional link within the document)
$1.00 per link
4. Corner Perpetuations $10.00
5. Surveys $5.00 per page
6. Subdivisions/Plats $11.00
7. Irrigation Redemption Certificates
(Each additional year within the certificate)
$1.00 each year
NO CHARGE on other Government Divisions (Commissioners, Planning & Zoning, Assessors, Treasurers, Cities in Cassia County, Minidoka County and other Idaho Counties)
NO CHARGE on Military Documents - including Filing Discharges and copies
Recording of Specific Documents - for the first 30 pages
1. Each additional page after first (30) pages $3.00
2. Deeds $15.00
3. Power of Attorney $25.00
4. Mortgage/Deed of Trust/Fixture Filings (can include security afreements and/or assignment of leases/rent in document) $45.00
5. Reconveyance of Property ( can include substitutions of trustee in document) $15.00
Licenses Issued:
1. Marriage License $28.00
2. Idaho Alcohol Catering Permit (max. 5 days) $20.00 per day
3. Transfer of Alcoholic Beverage License $20.00
4. Mining Claims $3.00 per page
5. Affidavit of Labor / Notice of Intent to Hold
(Each additional page after the first one)
(Each claim listed after the first)
$4.00 first page,
$3.00 ea. added page
$0.50/claim after the first one
6. Passport Processing Fee to Recorder's Office $25.00
7. Passport Overnight Fee to Recorder's Office $22.95
Other Fees:
1. Copies of any record $1.00 per page
2. Certification of any document $1.00 per document
3. Fax $2.50 per page
4. Postage $0.48
  • Cassia County will record only the original document or a certified copy of the document.
  • All documents must have a notary and not exceed 8 1/2”x 14”.
  • We need a space 2”x 3” for recording information on the front or last page.
  • Your original document will be returned to you, please include a self - addressed envelope and make your check payable to Cassia County Recorder.

Mailing address :
Cassia County Recorder
1459 Overland Ave, Rm 105,
Burley, Id 83318.

*All Documents are returned to the requesting party*