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Elections Office
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Taxing Districts

Taxing District Information as of November 2020

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Cemetery - City - Fire - Highway - Library - Recreation - School - Soil Conservation

Elections are held in November of odd years.
Albion Cemetery District Declo Cemetery
Contact Name Bonnie Sorensen Contact Name Cinda Barker
Contact Phone Number 208-312-2554 Contact Phone Number 208-654-2124
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Commissioner Rhonda Chatterly Commissioner Steven Darrington
Commissioner Bonnie Sorensen Commissioner Gayle Erickson
Commissioner Dee Yeaman Commissioner Kathy Eklund
Oakley Valley Cemetery District Pella Cemetery District
Contact Name Carolyn Dewsnup Contact Name Joel Robins
Contact Phone Number 208-431-9453 Contact Phone Number 208-678-9014
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Commissioner Brent Butler Commissioner Brian Higgs
Commissioner Nels Peterson Commissioner Alan Garrard
Commissioner Doug Pickett Commissioner Joel Robins
Sublett Cemetery District Valley Vu of Malta Cemetery District
Contact Name Sherry Southern Contact Name Janis Warr
Contact Phone Number 208-431-5324 Contact Phone Number 208-431-1497
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Commissioner Tony Rigby Commissioner Kent Robinson
Commissioner Sherry Southern Commissioner Darlene Henrie
Commissioner Russell Zollinger Commissioner Janis Warr
View Cemetery District
Contact Name Rick Wrigley
Contact Phone Number 208-431-2331
Commissioner Ken Turpin
Commissioner Rick Wrigley
Commissioner Cloyd Searle

Elections are held in November of odd years.
City of Albion City of Burley
Contact Name Mary Yeaman Contact Name Ellen Maier
Contact Phone Number 208-673-5352 Contact Phone Number 208-878-2224
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Mayor Isaac Loveland Mayor Steve Armond
Council Member Dallan Doc Carlson Council Member Casey Andersen
Council Member Bradley Woodrow Council Member Jon Anderson
Council Member Kevin Lloyd Council Member Bryce Morgan
Council Member Wayne Winder Council Member John Craner
Council Member Janet Hansen
Council Member Kimberli Seely
City of Declo City of Malta
Contact Name Cinda Barker Contact Name Lisa Bankhead
Contact Phone Number 208-654-2124 Contact Phone Number 208-431-2453
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Mayor Jay Darrington Mayor Tracy Bankhead
Council Member Ron Knowles Council Member Richard Hall
Council Member Holly Darrington Council Member Amandor Maldonado
Council Member Mark Payne Council Member Tom Hogan
Council Member Clint Heward Council Member Margie Neff
City of Oakley
Contact Name Beckie Clark
Contact Phone Number 208-862-3313
Mayor Larry Mickelsen
Council Member Ralph Barnard
Council Member Buffy Cooper
Council Member Jeff Douglas
Council Member Al Lowe

Elections are held in November of odd years.
Ace Fire Protection District Albion Fire Protection District
Contact Name Mike Santini Contact Name Jeff Leach
Contact Phone Number 208-312-9697 Contact Phone Number 208-312-2151
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Commissioner David Herring Commissioner Jon Fillmore
Commissioner Jason Tracy Commissioner Don Gunderson
Commissioner Jay Black Commissioner Ronnie Cahoon
Minidoka Fire District North Cassia Rural Fire District
Contact Name Jan Bywater Contact Name David Shirley
Contact Phone Number 208-312-5359 Contact Phone Number 208-312-5359
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Commissioner Dan Lloyd Commissioner Scott Beck
Commissioner Todd Belnap Commissioner Steve Carson
Commissioner Harold Mohlman Commissioner Gene Bortz
Oakley Fire Protection District Raft River Fire District
Contact Name Harlo Clark Contact Name Melanie Deters
Contact Phone Number 208-312-5359 Contact Phone Number 208-312-5359
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Commissioner Thomas H Clark Commissioner Jake Smith
Commissioner Craig Hawker Commissioner Lucas Spratling
Commissioner Josh Lind Commissioner Rick Neff
Rock Creek Fire District
Contact Name Jennifer Eggbert
Contact Phone Number 208-312-5359
Commissioner Doug Fisher
Commissioner Brad Perkins
Commissioner Marvin Norris  

Elections are held in May of odd years.
Albion Highway District Burley Highway District
Contact Name Brandi Perry Contact Name Melanie Adams
Contact Phone Number 208-673-6490 Contact Phone Number 208-678-5322
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Commissioner LeRoy Robinson Commissioner Bart Bowers
Commissioner Cody Adams Commissioner Todd Whitehead
Commissioner Shawn Mai Commissioner Gaylen Smyer
Murtaugh Highway District Oakley Highway District
Contact Name Lori Belloli Contact Name Sharon Kimber
Contact Phone Number 208-432-5469 Contact Phone Number 208-673-5349
Email Email
Commissioner Kip Wilkins Commissioner Rick Robinson
Commissioner Trevor Arnold Commissioner Scott Adams
Commissioner Rocky Matthews Commissioner Timothy Lloyd
Raft River Highway District
Contact Name Shanna Matthews
Contact Phone Number 208-645-2463
Commissioner Cory Webb
Commissioner Todd Carpenter
Commissioner Heath Higley  

Elections are held in May of odd years.
Oakley Library District
Contact Name Ariann Hale
Contact Phone Number 208-862-3434
President Ann Mitton
Trustee Karen Critchfield
Trustee Erin Hasen
Trustee Patricia Harris
Treasurer Deborah Bell  

Elections are held in November of odd years.
Almo Recreation District Oakley Recreation District
Contact Name Karen Koyle Contact Name Ben Nelson
Contact Phone Number 208-430-5545 Contact Phone Number 200-300-0179
Email Email
Commissioner Larry Edwards Commissioner Benjamin Nelson
Commissioner Rod Jones Commissioner Bryce Jones
Commissioner Sara Jane Ward Commissioner Roxane Beck
Oregon Trail Recreation District
Contact Name Nancy Fonnesbeck
Contact Phone Number 208-678-9202
Commissioner Nancy Fonnesbeck
Commissioner Dennis Dexter
Commissioner Clark Harman  

Elections are held in November of odd years.
American Falls Jt. School District No. 381 Cassia Jt. School District No. 151
Contact Name Paula Laggis Contact Name Pamela Teeter
Contact Phone Number 208-226-5173 Contact Phone Number 208-878-6600
Email Email
Trustee Kamren Koompin Trustee Ryan Cranney
Trustee Bruce Hauber Trustee Jeff Rasmussen
Trustee Jesalee Smith Trustee Darin Moon
Trustee Leona Jackson Trustee Bruce Thompson
Trustee Travis Mills Trustee Heber Loughmiller
Minidoka Jt. School District No. 331 Murtaugh Jt. School District No. 418
Contact Name Kerri Tibbitts Contact Name Lori Wrenfrow
Contact Phone Number 208-436-4727 Contact Phone Number 208-432-5451
Email Email
Trustee Jeff Gibson Trustee Matt Stanger
Trustee Russ Suchan Trustee Eric Andersen
Trustee Rick Stimpson Trustee Justin Dimond
Trustee Mary Andersen Trustee Dayn Roseborough
Trustee Bonnie Heins   Trustee Stuart Tolman

Soil Conservation
Elections are held in November of Even years.
East Cassia Soil and Water
Conservation District
West Cassia Soil and Water
Conservation District
Contact Name LaRae Warren Contact Name LaRae Warren
Contact Phone Number 208-572-3375 Contact Phone Number 208-572-3375
Email Email
Commissioner Mark Webb Commissioner Richard Kunau
Commissioner Steve Ward Commissioner Jordan Searle
Commissioner Rob Cattle Commissioner Brent Stoker
Commissioner Ken Woodworth Commissioner Kathy Poulton
Commissioner Hanna Sanders   Commissioner Ken Black