Joseph W. Larsen
Cassia County Clerk/Auditor/Recorder
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Cassia County ex Officio Auditor Mission Statement

  • Incorporate the Cassia County Mission Statement into our operating procedure. Maintain Auditor's Office as a progressive viable office as we pursue the future.

In performance of our duties in the Auditor's Office we will do so in the most efficient manner possible. Maintain a working environment that encourages employees in all departments to reach their highest potential. Strive to gain the highest level of confidence from the community. Perform all budgeting and expenditures of County funds according to policies and procedures. Work closely with other departments within the county to ensure a responsive workforce, integrity and teamwork.

ex Officio Auditor Duties

  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Turnover to the Taxing Districts
  • Inventory
  • Budget Process
  • Managing Fund Balances
  • Quarterly and Year-end Reports
  • Employee benefits and file management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Internal Department Auditing
  • Reconciling monthly statements
  • Levies

Heather Evans
Lead Deputy Auditor
(208) 878-1004 ext.  277 (phone)
(208) 878-8825 (fax) (main)

Carrie Merrell
Deputy Auditor
(208) 878-1004 ext. 222 (phone)
(208) 878-8825 (fax) (main)