Volunteer Positions

The Board of Cassia County Commissioners strives to guarantee that their appointments to Cassia County Committees, Commissions, and Boards will best serve the public interest of the County as well as be representative of a broad cross-section of the community. We ask you to provide us with the information that will best assist us in evaluating your application. While we appreciate all applicants’ interest and willingness to volunteer, due to potential conflicts of interest, Cassia County employees are not permitted to serve on any volunteer board that is overseen by the Cassia County Commissioners.


Once application has been completed please return to,

Cassia County Commissioners
Courthouse Room #210

1459 Overland Avenue

Burley, ID  83318

Tel. (208) 878-7302 ▪ Fax (208) 878-3510
Email: kerrym@cassiacounty.org

Please note all application materials submitted will become public record once submitted and may be disclosed under the Idaho Public Records Law, per Idaho Code §§ 74-102 and 74-106 (1).