Public Notices

Notice of Cassia County Board/Commission Meetings

  • Public Committees are structured groups appointed by the Board of Commissioners that provides advice to the Board on specific issues impacting county issues, activities and programs. The Public Committees may choose to study and report on issues as well as respond to requests from the Board for research and recommendations on specific issues.

Applications to Serve on Public Committees

  • An Ordinance whereby the County of Cassia, Idaho adopts and elects to enforce the provisions of the 2012 Edition of the International Building Code (IBC)... :: Read Entire Notice ::
  • Citizen Committee for Law Enforcement The county and the city of Burley appointed the five-person committee, Harold Blasius, a retired citizen; Bill Parsons, Attorney and Chairman of the Committee; Rob Squire, attorney for D.L. Evans Bank; Clay Handy, business owner and former city councilman and county commissioner; and Dennis Dexter, former jail administrator, city police officer and county deputy.

Final Report of the Law Enforcement Committee

  • A committee was appointed in 2014 to review the unified law enforcement between Cassia County and the City of Burley. This is a report of their findings.

Notice to Comply With Order To Exterminate Noxious Weeds